Rio: 19 month update

Monday, 11 November 2013

Firstly, I know I don't/shouldn't have to but id like to apologise for the lack of posts. A lot is changing happening in my life at the moment, some amazing and some pretty falling down the stairs and breaking my foot in two places horrible! Therefore my blog has took a bit of a back seat mainly because I hate posts without pictures and I've been in no fit state to run after Rio for a few snaps, especially not with my new camera! All will be revealed in due course.

Onto the update..

- Rio can say anything now and his daily vocabulary is growing into little conversations.

- He frequently tells me "I've found was down there", and asks "whats that?"

- He still has a bottle of milk which he put him movicol in. But is finally a fan of juice :)

- He says uv you mummy, uv you daddy.

- He now says cuddle instead of "luv"

- He will ask me for "ring a roses" etc. And also ask me for "dinner" if he gets hungry and will tell me exactly what he wants to eat on occasion. And tell me if he's tired/cold..which as a parent is great because you always do worry. & now likes a "blanky" for bed.

- At the moment his favourite foods are egg, mushrooms and oranges.

- Everything must have a blob of tomato sauce on the side!

- He finally likes building towers and will build little jumps for his toy horse to go over..mega cute and imaginative right?

- He loves drawing.."want to draw".. and knows quite a few of the colours now..mainly orange and purple.

- He likes to have a shower!

- He'll say "move" and when I look at him will continue to say "move...please". haha

- He likes to inform me when its raining

- He's obsessed with watching documentaries..we have the nature channel on constantly so much so he knows what a hippo, fox etc are now.

- He's had his hair cut yet again and even let them shave the sides (grade 4) instead of just tidying it back up with the scissors. Whilst there he demands at least 3 biscuits!

- He knows mummys foot is "broken", he's mainly an angel about it but sometimes runs away with my crutches.. and shouts "no mummy" when I ask for them back...hmmm!!

- He has all four of his fangs through, meaning we're only waiting on a set of back teeth!

- His "dream feed" in the night has got less and he will sleep from 9-9 most nights..amazing!

- He's well and truly learnt to say "NO"


  1. He sounds like such a little beauty I sooooo cant wait for the day Thomas says uv you back to me I already know my heart will explode gosh Im getting teary thinking about it!!

    1. Its gorgeous..until I say "I love you Rio", and he says " I uv daddy" in response.. tut! ..He's also started saying sorry which breaks my heart because he's far too polite.


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