Life lately, going stir crazy!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

At first having to lounge about all day down to a broken foot is great. You get to catch up on all your programmes, read books to your little ones all day and build endless brick towers. But after a while, being cooped up sends you a little crazy.. okay a lot crazy.

I woke up today with the determination that we would get to the park. Id put on my 'boot' and force myself to push the pushchair to the other side of the village just to get little Rio out! He misses it too. But the reality hit me as soon as I opened the door. It was freezing out! I'm not one to grumble, I'm all for getting wrapped up and well and truly exploring nature but with my poor toes out? I wasn't so sure.

Instead we headed round to the back garden, which Rio didn't mind in the slightest..not when there's a football out there!

Oh and Annalise stopped by for a visit too ,adding to the fun! He loves 'annylisey'

I always used to wonder why it took so long for my OH to bath I know. BEST DADDY EVER!


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