Oh i do like to be beside the seaside??

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Ive just read a post on preparing yourself for the beach with a toddler,(See here) this couldnt of come at a more fitting time as yesterday we did take Rio on the beach..for the first time! We pretty much followed the instructions down to a tee but what if your toddler decides they dont actually like the beach? What if they hate walking on the sand and cling to you like a little monkey when you paddle in the sea? Ohhh just Rio then ;)

Despite all that i did manage to get a few snaps..not the perfect paddling sandcastle building snaps id previously imagined but thats the beauty of mummyhood. Theres also a few of Annalise, once upon a time she was the same.

Please note: our nearest beach is actually wet sand with puddles for most of the day, the sea is miles out until about 3-4pm. Those telescopes on the front? Yeah im pretty sure their there so you actually get a glimpse ;)

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