My boys and the bluebells! - Renishaw Hall

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Since going back to work we're finding it hard to have family days out at the weekend. Craig often works Saturdays and working Sunday is part of my contract. So when we do get the chance, like this bank holiday weekend, we really do like to make the most of it!

Regular readers of my blog will already known that we like to explore and discover new places but we actually stumbled across Renishaw Hall on google maps, of all places! And within about 20 minutes of being there it became one of our favourite places, one I know we will revisit over and over again as a family like we do with Potteric carr etc.

We were lucky enough to visit when the bluebells were in bloom and my gosh was it a magical sight.
The walks/garden weren't the most pushchair friendly in places but as this is an award winning garden we didn't expect them to be. There was something new to discover around every corner and I have a feeling we didn't even find half of it.

The courtyard, shops and café are so quaint and totally me. So much so I let my healthy eating guard down and had a slice/slab of coffee didn't disappoint!

Happy 3rd Birthday Rio!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

On Friday Rio turned three. I was going to write a sentimental post but words don't do the last three years any justice at all. The truth is life didn't change that started!

We couldn't decide whether to celebrate the day by going to Chester Zoo or heading to the Peak District for a spot of horse riding. The weather was glorious and in the end we just dug out our National Trust pass and stuck to an old favourite...Clumber Park!

Craig and Rio played football for the majority of the day, while me and Niall watched from the comfort of a picnic blanket. It doesn't sound much in the terms of birthday celebrations but for our family it was perfect.

The birthday boy and his bubbles :)

I love how this picture captures our family. I'm always behind the camera so its nice to have a moment froze in time for me to remember forever ..even if I am wearing Craig's hoody and sporting a top knot..but again, that captures us brilliantly as i'm so nesh!

And a birthday isn't a birthday without a cake!

Avene Cleanance Mat review

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I love the dewy look as much as the next women, but my oily skin has been known to take that to a whole new level. During my teens my make up melted off my face quicker than Olaf on a summers day. How I found my other half and the father to my children during this time I will never know!

I outgrew it, for a while, then Niall came along and with him a whole new batch of crazy hormones. To combat the problem id been using a mattifying powder on top of my usual makeup. But I know with summer fast approaching this isn't the best or a light weight solution. The only cake I want in summer is on my picnic blanket! And that's why, even though new products can irritate my skin, I took the risk and jumped at the chance to try out these two Avene mattifying products!

I should start by saying that both products were extremely gentle on my skin. The toner made my skin extra clean after cleansing, and along with the smell, left me feeling refreshed. Ideal for a morning skincare routine! Being Paraben free is always and added bonus too.

Using the two products together helped my make up to stay in place and keep oil at bay virtually all day. On one accidental occasion even after a gym class! I found it was the moisturiser that gave my make up the staying power and that I only actually needed to use a pee sized amount. Which is great as, in my opinion, you need to purchase both products (at £10 each) to get the best results.

If you've got oily/combination skin id really recommend giving this range a try!

An early Mothers day!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Now that I'm a parent and a 'grown up', other than play dates, there's nothing I love more than quaint little places that serve coffee and cake!

That, and family days out, so combining the two for an early Mothers day treat as I work Sundays was a bonus!

I vlogged the day for the first time if anyone is interested..please be gentle with me I didn't realise how hard filming and editing actually was!!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Spring craft/mothers day idea!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Today while Niall was having his morning nap, me and Rio spent our one on one time doing some spring craft.

We ended up making a potted flower which I think is an amazing handmade gift idea for Mother's day, sneakily to yourself like mine, or for a grandparent.

I started off with toilet tubes. If your like me your far more likely to have these hanging round the house than actual plant pots.

I then cut them in half to make them smaller and  Rio reminded me that scissors 'are sharp' in the meantime, thank you Mr Maker!

You could now decorate/paint these but as Niall's morning nap is very unpredictable we made the most of the time and moved straight onto the next step...curling strips of paper around your finger!!

If you have an older child you could get them to do scissor trick for that step. But Rio found this way just as fun.

Once we had a few we then added them, and some more, to the inside of the toilet tube with cellotape!

I was planning on adding flowers next but Rio asked if we could include a butterfly so I dug one, some eyes and a straw out of the crafting drawer.

A lovely added extra :) .. Now back to the flowers.

We ripped  up tissue paper and scrunched it into little balls, pva glueing it to the plant as we went. I used a lolly pop stick dipped into the bottle to save any wastage as Niall was stirring and I knew our crafting session was about to be cut short.


Rio seems to know when a photo is for blog purposes and does this fake smile face. Little cracker jack! I wonder what his school photo's will end up like. I know it isn't the norm to be there when Mothers day presents are being bought/made but every time I look at it sat on the fireplace I smile at the memory of us doing it together. Parcel's keep arriving that I'm not allowed to open so I know for certain that Craig hasn't forgotten about me. How could he? I've hinted weekly for the past month!

A little life update!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I think that it is only fair that we start with the biggest update from over the last few months and that is that Rio is now fully toilet/potty trained!

He took to it straight away and actually only had one accident and that was the first time we took his pull up off as he simply forgot. From then on, he was 100% dry, even at night. I don't for a moment take for granted how lucky we are in that respect, as I know for some people it came be a nightmare. The key for us was waiting until HE was fully ready not when the rest of society and people around us thought he should be. However the cut off point in my head was September, as that is when he starts nursery. I'm super proud of him and won't pretend that I didn't breathe a huge sigh of relief at not having to change toddler bum anymore!

Today Niall turned 8 months old. He is now sitting unaided and well and truly using rolling and his walker as modes of transportation. He hasn't yet mastered crawling, but can sniper if you class him not having control over where he actually ends up!

He still only has two teeth as the third is taking its time and causing havoc in the process. He is the complete opposite to Rio as his just popped up with no warning over night.

His eyes are still two different colours and I think for the first time I have managed to get a picture that captures it.

This month also saw my return to work. And although it was a lot easier this time to go back, thinking about it now I probably should of made the most of it and had the full year off as it will be my last.

I've also decided to stop thinking/caring about what others will think and start vlogging. Its such a great way to capture memories that I feel like I am missing out not doing it. As parents we constantly document our kids lives, what difference does it make if other people can watch?

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