Silent Sunday

Sunday, 16 November 2014

We're not all looking, we never are, but I love my little family of four!

Having a Hoot // Minnies Macaroon!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Ever since we found out that Rio had been selected to be an AmBEARssador for Minnies Macaroon he has been eagerly awaiting the Postman. Whenever a parcel arrived he'd ask, "is it for me Mummy?" and a few days ago I got to say "yes darling, it is!!". Sadly he was out at his Grandma's when the actual parcel arrived, sods law, but that didn't stop his beady toddler eyes spotting it the moment he came into the room. No "I've missed you so much Mummy", just, "is that for meeeeee?". His eyes lit up when I revealed it was indeed for him, but not as much as when he realised what his chosen items were.

The next day we headed to the park and Rio got to give the little Owl hat its first outing.

It was a 'wellington' kind of day, so sadly Stegosaurus had to skip this one out and stay at home.

To my surprise Rio didn't attempt to take the hat off his head, which is a rarity. I think it is down to the fact that one of his favourite things to do is go bird watching. He loves sitting in the hides at our local nature reserve with his little binoculars so the product is well suited.

I love that this hat will last him years. It's so soft and well made but with room for a lot of growth. It's also machine washable, which is always an added bonus for an handmade item. The owl hat and the rest of the range are available in sizes to suit the whole family.

The website description for this product says 'will ensure you have a hoot this winter', and that we will!!

Keep your eyes peeled for 'Rio's adventures with Stegosaurus' coming soon!

And keep up to date with Minnies Macaroon on Twitter & Facebook too.

Family Fever

Winter walk

Sunday, 9 November 2014

As much as I like being cosy indoors during the colder months, I also enjoy a crisp winter walk! A few months back we visited Normanby Hall while the wild flowers were in bloom and the sun was in the sky..for the most part. And to take advantage of a rain free day this weekend, we drove over there again.

To our surprise we only had to pay for parking as it is the winter season which is always a bonus for the bank account on the run up to Christmas.

We popped into the CafĂ© for a spot of lunch before heading into the woods for a little adventure. Sadly the bridge and chair were closed off this time which was disappointing because we had hoped to recreate a photo we took last time but I think it was for health and safety issues due to the leaves being damp and quite slippy.

(Rio's version of thumbs up)

And of course, in true toddler style, we ended the day in the play area.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

He's 4 months old!

Niall has just turned four months old. Its been around a month since I've post because, once again, blogging has taken a backseat. I get so wrapped up in life, in watching the kids grow and develop that I forget to document that on here. And that, despite oddments of other things, is first and foremost what this blog is for.

So yeah..four months! I know I should be wanting it to slow down..he's probably going to be our last child. Infact I think he definitely will be unless we have any suprises..she said! But strangely I don't. He's such an amazing character already that I can't wait for him to be able to sit up and really show us his personality.

His bond with his brother, Rio, is amazing already and watching that grow day by day is one of life's miracles for me. Rio tells me daily that his brother is 'so cute' and that he loves him..or he's trying to talk. It melts my heart!

This month he has started giggling/babbling a lot more. Along with splashing in the bath and finding a love for his toys.

He still feeds every two hours on the dot in the day, seven oz of hungry baby milk. But is so amazing on a night. Apart from five thirty am starts..damn you daylight savings!! But one cannot grumble at 10 hours sleep.

He can now manoeuvre him self off his playmat and tries to eat his toes whilst you change his bum. He's still only rolling half way..apart from the occasional accidental roll on the bed.

The last set of injections knocked him for six and we had a really horrific night/day with him. He had a temperature and wouldn't drink so I was up rocking him all night on the sofa to keep him settled. Thankfully the next day he was back to his cheeky happy little self.

He is now in Next 6-9 month clothes. And still on the 95/98th percentile for both weight and height.

Getting out & joining in!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Today Craig had a holiday booked from work creating a long weekend for our family. Usually we would look online for a new place to explore with the kiddies but the weather has been a little temperamental this week to say the least, so we decided to play by ear.

We started off doing a spot of Christmas shopping.. there is no way that I am doing last minute shopping this year now that I have a toddler AND a baby. Followed by a stop off at pets at home to see the rabbits. That place is like a free petting zoo..without the petting!

The weather was still holding out so we stopped off at one of the parks we pass on the way into town to let Rio blow off some steam and get some fresh air.

As you can see from the photo's, me and Craig are 'those parents'. The ones who have as much fun as the kids. For me that is the beauty of having children young, though a lot of people disapprove. We're young enough to run around and join why not? Why sit on the bench looking like you don't even want to be there? Make the most of this time. Pretty soon they will be closing the door to their rooms, wanting to play with friends, on their consoles. Enjoy being a child again yourself while you can. So if you see me in 'soft play hell', squeezing my post pregnancy boobs through those rolly sponge things, and my bum down a twirly slide. Don't tut, don't judge, just know that I am enjoying life through my childs eyes..and it is wonderful!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Life lately!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Niall is 12 weeks old. In the next few days he will have his second set of injections and be three months old. He's in 3-6 months clothes and started sleeping eight hours through the night. I have to admit I never thought it would happen so soon as he still feeds 6/7oz hungry baby every 2 hours in the day.

During tummy time he will now do "mini press up" type things, and lift himself off the ground to have a good look around. He is trying to roll over when on his back, but currently only gets half way.

After all the effort it took for us to get a none faulty bouncer (four in fact), he actually doesn't really like to be in it that much anymore, and much prefers to be laid on his play mat hitting away at his toys. This little man has definitely found his hands!

He's started giggling and it melts my heart when he does it at Craig or Rio. He is obsessed with Rio, and vice versa. Such close brothers already.

Rio is doing really well with shapes and can now spell his name. We've seen him show us 'the terrible two's' this week but nothing major.

And we've all been enjoying lots of craft,story time and little family days out.


Rio: I need a wipe
*shows me hands covered in poo*
Me: Nooo, don't put your hands down your pull-ups mate!
Rio: I didn't, I took it off
Me: Hang on..where's your poo?
Rio: Its on your bedroom floor!

*Whilst giving me a huge cuddle*
Rio: You make me happy
Me: Awwww
Rio: Your my best friend in the whole love me so much mummy!

*Whilst 'helping me wash my hair' in the bath*
Rio: I cant find your willy
Me: .....that's because I haven't got one.
Rio: Your a girl and girls have nunnies
Me: ....That's right, they do
Rio: I came out your nunny mummy

Support system!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Whether it be family or friends, everyone needs a support system. But sometimes, it's nice to have one outside of that 'inner circle', an outsiders point of view. Someone that doesn't know every little detail of your life, that's going through the same and is in the same boat. Someone that won't judge, someone that is 'just always there'.

For me my support system is 30 women strong! A support system that I stumbled on by accident. One that has become a group of friends. Some of them I have met, some of them I have yet to meet, and some of them i sadly never will. But they are a support none the less.

During pregnancy, like thousands of other women, I joined a forum. I then stumbled upon a group of ladies due in July and I guess that is where it all began. Although i was late to the party, I was welcomed in and soon felt like I had been with them from the start. Gradually we moved over to facebook, to meeting in person, soon to be meeting again. To talking all day, everyday.

I have laughed with these ladies, cried with them, cried for them. I feel like we have been through so much together, though our journey has just begun.

Everyone needs a support system. And the July mummies are mine!

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