The one where we discover I jump like a Penguin!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

There's something magical about being cosy indoors with a candle burning. I'm one of those people that love snuggling on the sofa, with a cuppa and a book, listening to the sound of the rain. Pre mum me would of spent my days off doing such, but mum me has to man up and go out..whether she likes it or not!

It took me ten steps to question needing walking boots, and ten more to declare that we definitely did. Why didn't I put my wellies on? Why have I got it in my head that wellies are just for walking the dog?

We trudged away for a while, debating whether it was such a good idea to brave the outdoors. Then something magical happened.

Rio squealed with delight.

Now, I'm more than aware of how fun jumping in muddy puddles is for children, Peppa Pig is a daily reminder of that, but for a moment I forgot to see the world as a child. I forgot that its us parents that worry about muddy wet clothes, them catching a cold or slipping over. A child just see's a new adventure.

And look at that, even the light in the sky came on at that revelation! Craig took this snap, then another, before declaring "You jump like a penguin!".. I charged at him, denying it. But he's right...

I jump like a penguin!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Autumn exploring

Sunday, 6 September 2015

My news feeds are full of people saying farewell to Summer. Now, I'm not impartial to a bit of nice weather, but personally I'm sat here open armed welcoming Autumn. I love getting cosy on dark nights, wrapping up for walks and stomping through crunchy leaves more than anything. Whilst most families are heading into soft play around this time of the year, we head outdoors more than ever. We explore newly empty areas, bug hunt and just generally just enjoy family time with our boys.

We recently explored a new part of the peak district, and although it was right on the out skirts, it was still very beautiful.

It was the first time that Niall had saw a sheep since he learnt what they 'say', he was in his element baa'ing away in fascination!

Even the most fantastic little walkers need a rest to re fuel every now and then!

I love his little hand gestures, deep in riveting conversation as always!

"You are my favourite adventure"

 "Rarrr", We found a wild Rio lurking in the bush!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

20 things the new mother books dont tell you!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Becoming a new parent can seem daunting and as much as we try to prepare ourselves beforehand, there is stuff that the textbooks leave out. Stuff that other parents leave out. So, like many before me, I thought I would create a post un-sugar coating motherhood so that you know what you've really got yourself into.

1. Lightening pains. 
These bad boys are called lightening for a reason because that's exactly what those 'up the foo foo daggers', really feel like!

2. Post partum poo
If you find the thought of pushing a baby out scary. Wait until you get the urge to push your first post partum poo out of a freshly stitched up area! .. I will add its the fear of it that's that worst, eat your fibre and hold a clean sanitary towel against the area and you will be fine!

3. Sitting with your boobs out
If you choose to breastfeed sitting with your boobs out will become 'the norm' for the first few weeks. You'll become a semi-nudist because, if you haven't got a baby attached to them, you'll be getting some fresh air to a layer on Lansinoh and having some supply boosting skin to skin.

4. Showering will become a luxury
I know how absurd that sounds. At first you will manage it, your other half will let you have long soaks to soothe your stiches out of sympathy, but give it a week and your exhaustion will kick in and as soon as your little one is asleep you will be crawling into bed, not the shower!

5. And when you do get the time to shower
don't expect to do it alone. You'll find yourself dragging the bouncer in the bathroom with you out of desperation. But pretty soon that baby will turn into a toddler throwing toys into your bath so that they can play over the side. You know how they tell you 'you'll never pee alone again', well the same goes for bathing! Toilet roll getting unrolled may be cute on the Andrex advert, but in real life it's a pain in the ass!

6. The "you look amazing, have you really just had a baby" compliments
Unless your one of those lucky few that do actually bounce straight back, id say this is an empty compliment or your doing well to not look like your death! ... Put it this way, on the way out of the hospital the receptionist asked if I was checking in or leaving.. I have never been so mortified! I never really thought much about my stomach after bearing the child. I'm not na├»ve, I knew it wouldn't be the same, but I didn't expect to touch it by accident and suddenly have an omg moment! You know on Santa Claus the movie where Patch writes Santa's belly "shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly"? That's exactly what it does. I actually spent the first night in hospital giggling away with Craig then telling him to stop making me laugh because it wobbled everywhere!

7. You'll have two choices
Eat your food cold after everyone else, or share it with your child. No meal is ever truly 'just yours' again. Eating out alone or during a nap is heaven and so underrated!

8. Forget music charts
The only songs that will be stuck in your head any time soon are nursery rhymes or theme tunes. You'll find yourself singing and hoovering along to "special delivery service" and if your lucky, might even catch your other half in on the action too. I can remember turning my head at neck snapping speeds in the car when Craig was humming along to something or other! ..And thinking "Oh god, we really are parents!"

9. You'll wash the same load  of clothes three times
because you keep forgetting to peg it out before bed. This is where your going overboard on the clothe buying actually comes in handy.. because as quickly as you've washed one load, they've created another.

10. Silence is no longer bliss
Silence, unless at bedtime, is suspicious. Shout "What are you doing?" and get in there as fast as you can!

11. Your own clothes however, will never be clean again!
You'll glance down at your jeans in public and realise that they are covered in baby food..oh god, you hope its food! You'll then put them on again the next day after giving them a quick once over with a baby wipe.

12. Baby wipes don't just wipe the baby
they clean everything, including the bathroom in a hurry!

13. The only thing you will ever see on your TV again is cbeebies
or some equally soul destroying programme! You'll resort to downloading the ITV player app on your phone just to catch up with Emmerdale!

14. After birth pains
Oh yes, as if giving birth wasn't enough you then have to deal with pain whilst your womb is going back. You'll question whether there is actually another baby in there because jeez louise it feels like is!

15. Post partum bleeding
..think 9 months worth of periods and you'll still not be close. You know those ugly gigantic maternity pads? Well you will need to wear at least two of those at once! Don't be alarmed at leaving you own crime scene on the walk from the delivery bed to the shower!

16. You'll cry
They inform you that you might get the baby blues and cry a few days after having a baby. But they don't tell you that said crying will be over the most ridiculous things, or nothing at all! With Rio I sat in the bath and sobbed for no  reason. With Niall I broke down in hysterics because Craig wanted to buy the breast pump from a different store to me!

17. Your nipples might bleed
I'm not talking cracked, slight blood due to soreness. I'm talking sat pumping away happy as larry only to look down and realise you've been pumping blood horror movie type shit!

18. You will wake up
One of the most common things I hear is women worrying that they wont wake up when their baby needs them. Three years later I can still hear Rio sneeze three doors down the hall! You WILL wake up. Your other half might not, and even if he does will pretend he is asleep no matter how much you nudge kick him!

19. Thongs and Tampax
will be saved for special occasions and swimming. Comfort is key down there now!

20. People will have an unwanted opinion about your name choice fact about everything. But if you have an opinion back then your wrong, its your baby, what do you know anyway?? And no matter how much you dress them in head to toe pink/blue someone will think that they are the opposite gender!

I'm sure that I don't have to note that this post is written in jest and is just light hearted fun but I will anyway. Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood is the most magical thing in the world and you should enter it with a clear untainted mind. You will learn your way as you go along, some of these might occur, some of them might not. But when you look at your child you really wont care either way.

Walking in the wild!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Niall took his steps a few months ago. At first he slipped back into crawling again and for a few weeks didn't really progress. Then one day there was no stopping him.

He's mastered the house so we thought it was time to take him out into the great outdoors. He's still a bit clumsy in his shoes so we took him back to basics to get a feel of the ground underfoot. And this was the adorable outcome...

Clumber park is one of our all time favourite places to go. We had intended to spend half of the day on a family bike ride but the prices doubled to have Niall in a seat behind us and for us that defeated the point. We love this location because its an amazing family day out without breaking the bank. But adding bikes the mix would bring the total to over £50 and with a zoo visit planned the next day it just wasn't sensible. Me and Craig are possibly planning on coming back and doing it for a 'date day', just for old times sake though!

Where is your 'go to', family day out destination?

One of those maze days!

Friday, 14 August 2015

We decided to make the most of a sunny Saturday and head down to a local maize maze/farm. Rio unexpectedly got to bottle feed a baby piglet and Niall was in his element on the bouncy castle.

 I'm making it my aim to document more and with vlogging  becoming the norm, even on Facebook, it's more doable than ever. I by no means have my eyes set on becoming anything fancy but I do like the idea of having a platform that I can  upload to when I feel the urge. Words and pictures say a lot but capturing a memory on video is something else! 

In the middle of the chaos..

Friday, 7 August 2015

Myself and my two sisters each have two children. My parents have six grandchildren, the oldest is currently eight. So I think it goes without saying that when we all meet up at once, thing can get a little chaotic. But give them an open space together and that chaos dissolves, slightly, just enough to find yourself smiling at the new generations of our family.


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