Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter!

We haven't had the best weather but its been nice to have a family weekend over Easter non the less. It was a real taste of whats to come in a few weeks time when I finish work and Craigs football season ends. I video'd little snippets and made a little montage, hopefully I can dig out a camera that doesn't weigh a tonne like the DSLR and film an ACTUAL vlog sometime soon for you all!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rio at two!

A little last update on how Rio is getting on at 24 months, or two as I'm now forced to call it. From now on these will just be less formal snippets in with what my little family has been getting up to. Baby #2's updates will start soon enough to keep me on my toes I'm sure, though I'm hoping these can follow that same 'informal' fun format too!

His speech:

Ignore his appearance, he's a bit of a scruff pot in the mornings.

He's mastered all his colours this month, even the difference between brown/black and pink/red.
And his catching has got pretty amazing for a little one. His Daddy has also learnt him to drop kick the ball. And do drills such as 'Right kick, left kick' etc...such soccer parents!! His favourite foods are currently sausage, steak, rice, ready break, strawberries, green beans & bananas.

Saurus Scenario's!

Rio: Mummy want a Cuppa Coffee?
Me: No thankyou
Rio: Cuppa Tea?
Me: Nope
Rio: Orh..urm..*walks away*

Rio: Mummy whatcha doing?
Me: I'm just in the kitchen
Rio: You making my tea like?

Me: Do you love mummy?
Rio: Nope
Me: Aww :(
Rio: Love you on Thursday!
Me: And how old are you going to be on Thursday?
Rio: Forty, no...Four!!
Me: And what are you going to get.?..
Rio: Presents.. A BOUNCY CASTLE!
Me: *Thinks how does he know about bouncy castles? I haven't ordered one!* Urm..what presents do you want?
Rio: A fish! ...and a bucket.

Meet Water, geniously named by my now 2 year was that or Fingers ;)..he's a funny one!

Rio: Lay down mummy, like this, and have your baby
Me: :O

Other updates: Rio's birth story & learning to walk

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Turning two!

On Thursday Rio turned two. We spent the morning visiting both sets of Grandparents and then headed out for the day to Brodsworth hall. Rio has always been grown up and forward for his age but I feel like over the last few days he's changed even more, he really has been a pleasure to watch.

The weather held out and was glorious on Friday too, so we took advantage of Craigs times off and ventured to Clumber Park for a picnic and kick about!


We pondered over the idea of a party for a while, but Rio really is the outdoorsy exploring type so it seemed silly to not have a day that would really make him happy. I think the parties will start once he's in school and he can really remember them.

He was pretty spoilt in the present department but its all things that he will get good use out of and love! He also got his first scooter, which he loves scooting about on. And as he'd actually asked for a fish..he got one of them from my dad too! He loves feeding it every morning and watching it swim around.


Whilst at Clumber Park we added a National Trust membership to our collection so hopefully our spring/summer will be full of new family adventures!
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Baby Haul

Today was a gloomy one in Yorkshire so we opted for a spot of lunch and shopping at Kiddicare. Whilst out that way we also took the opportunity to have a look for a few baby outfits at the Mothercare Outlet..and im so glad that we did! Not only was everything half price, clothing was also buy one half price get another 75% off!

 This for example was already on sale from £10 to £5, to £4.. so we ended up getting for..£2 in conjunction with another item!
We bought 6 packs of socks, so the offer did still apply, 3 for this Little One and 3 for Rio.

Little One's drawers are already overflowing, what with my Next obsession, but when we see bargains like this we cant just leave them there!!

Have you found any good deals lately?

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A brave boy!

In true boy toddler style, Rio has had bumps and bangs a-plenty before. The older he gets the more bruises seem to appear on his legs from climbing, playing football and generally running too fast in the street no matter how much I shout in protest!

But the other night was different. Id just had a bubble bath while my OH and Rio were waiting for the football to start..yawn..and was laid on the bed applying bio oil. When Rio suddenly ran around the bed and bang! Slid head first into the radiator.

It took his breath as usual, but within a few seconds the crying had started and my OH, whose a lot faster than my pregnant self, was on hand comforting and rubbing the back of his head..but as Rio calmed and looked up it was then he realised it was the front. Half of his little face was beginning to be covered in blood coming from somewhere on his scalp. Panic kicked in, the OH ran him to the sink for cotton wool and water while I shouted something about getting ready for the car..heck have you seen Emmerdale recently? I wasn't taking any chances..we were going to the hospital!

I got dressed in lightening speed, mainly due to the fact I skipped underwear, which I later regretted!

Once at the hospital Rio perked up, dragged a million chairs over to us and generally just made a lot of noise and a lot of people smile.

We didn't have to wait long to be seen and the check began..basically ending in him having his head glued!

He's fine now but aware that his head's been poorly..he keeps saying "orite now mummy? Gone now?..all better?". The next day I did ring in to cancel my shift at work which was a first for me, and I did feel really quilty but poorly cuddles are a job for Mummy!!

Mothers day

I write this post full of cold, unable to take anything to make me better because baby number two is growing in my stomach. Its crazy to believe that this time next year, heck this time in a few months, I will be the mother to two children..two little boys. That this time in a few weeks Rio will be two himself.

For Mothers day id asked for Lush things. Having a long hot soak before becoming a parent is underrated. I like to make the most of mine. But when Rio greeted me with "Happy Mothers Day Mummy".. that was all I needed! Which is a pretty good job, considering he refused to give me my card. Drawing on it is much more fun!.. He later passed me the envelope with a "Happy Birthday" before I had to head of to work. No rest for the wicked.