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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Today Craig had a holiday booked from work creating a long weekend for our family. Usually we would look online for a new place to explore with the kiddies but the weather has been a little temperamental this week to say the least, so we decided to play by ear.

We started off doing a spot of Christmas shopping.. there is no way that I am doing last minute shopping this year now that I have a toddler AND a baby. Followed by a stop off at pets at home to see the rabbits. That place is like a free petting zoo..without the petting!

The weather was still holding out so we stopped off at one of the parks we pass on the way into town to let Rio blow off some steam and get some fresh air.

As you can see from the photo's, me and Craig are 'those parents'. The ones who have as much fun as the kids. For me that is the beauty of having children young, though a lot of people disapprove. We're young enough to run around and join why not? Why sit on the bench looking like you don't even want to be there? Make the most of this time. Pretty soon they will be closing the door to their rooms, wanting to play with friends, on their consoles. Enjoy being a child again yourself while you can. So if you see me in 'soft play hell', squeezing my post pregnancy boobs through those rolly sponge things, and my bum down a twirly slide. Don't tut, don't judge, just know that I am enjoying life through my childs eyes..and it is wonderful!

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Life lately!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Niall is 12 weeks old. In the next few days he will have his second set of injections and be three months old. He's in 3-6 months clothes and started sleeping eight hours through the night. I have to admit I never thought it would happen so soon as he still feeds 6/7oz hungry baby every 2 hours in the day.

During tummy time he will now do "mini press up" type things, and lift himself off the ground to have a good look around. He is trying to roll over when on his back, but currently only gets half way.

After all the effort it took for us to get a none faulty bouncer (four in fact), he actually doesn't really like to be in it that much anymore, and much prefers to be laid on his play mat hitting away at his toys. This little man has definitely found his hands!

He's started giggling and it melts my heart when he does it at Craig or Rio. He is obsessed with Rio, and vice versa. Such close brothers already.

Rio is doing really well with shapes and can now spell his name. We've seen him show us 'the terrible two's' this week but nothing major.

And we've all been enjoying lots of craft,story time and little family days out.


Rio: I need a wipe
*shows me hands covered in poo*
Me: Nooo, don't put your hands down your pull-ups mate!
Rio: I didn't, I took it off
Me: Hang on..where's your poo?
Rio: Its on your bedroom floor!

*Whilst giving me a huge cuddle*
Rio: You make me happy
Me: Awwww
Rio: Your my best friend in the whole love me so much mummy!

*Whilst 'helping me wash my hair' in the bath*
Rio: I cant find your willy
Me: .....that's because I haven't got one.
Rio: Your a girl and girls have nunnies
Me: ....That's right, they do
Rio: I came out your nunny mummy

Support system!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Whether it be family or friends, everyone needs a support system. But sometimes, it's nice to have one outside of that 'inner circle', an outsiders point of view. Someone that doesn't know every little detail of your life, that's going through the same and is in the same boat. Someone that won't judge, someone that is 'just always there'.

For me my support system is 30 women strong! A support system that I stumbled on by accident. One that has become a group of friends. Some of them I have met, some of them I have yet to meet, and some of them i sadly never will. But they are a support none the less.

During pregnancy, like thousands of other women, I joined a forum. I then stumbled upon a group of ladies due in July and I guess that is where it all began. Although i was late to the party, I was welcomed in and soon felt like I had been with them from the start. Gradually we moved over to facebook, to meeting in person, soon to be meeting again. To talking all day, everyday.

I have laughed with these ladies, cried with them, cried for them. I feel like we have been through so much together, though our journey has just begun.

Everyone needs a support system. And the July mummies are mine!

Monsters drawing competition

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Once upon a time Rio's favourite thing to do was play football. He'd play it all day every day, in the house, in the garden, at the park. But as he got older he began to find new hobbies and just limits it to the garden now. His new passion is crafts, im not complaining, you can never be too creative in my opinion and I do like to encourage him when I can.

I was contacted asking if Rio would like to take part in a monsters drawing competition and at first I was abit reserved. Rio is at the scribble, line, circle stage in his drawing development, and I said as much to the lady that contacted us..but she assured me it was on effort so I thought, why not!

Although the competition is called 'Monsters drawing competition' it stated that they could use any creative method that they like so when Rio pulled his tissue paper out of the craft box I wasn't going to object!

He then added some 'eyes' with pen and sat down thinking of a name. 'Sticky mess' Rio said. And sticky mess monster it become..I think it pretty much sums him up, don't you? ;)

Asking a two year old say something about, and describe a monster proved a little harder. But he finally said "he's yellow, and green and VERY sticky".

Name: Rio
Age: 2
Location: South Yorkshire

Competition link

Niall update - 10 weeks!

Monday, 15 September 2014

So I think my last update was when he was 6 weeks old so I will start from there. That week saw the return of my monthly visitor, and I have not missed her at all! Two and a half weeks later she turned up again..doesn't that defeat the point of a monthly visitor? Grrr. this point Niall's night feeds were so close together it was like they were merging into one. In my sleepy state I sometimes couldn't tell if he was stirring awake, or still stirring himself back to sleep. We switched him onto hungry baby milk in the hope that it would make him go slightly longer, just long enough for me to actually sleep but for a while it didn't..this week we saw an improvement and he would go 3 hours in the night. I don't want to jinx anything but for the last two nights he has gone 6 hours before his first feed. That could be down to his body needing to sleep off this cold though. Yep, little Niall has his first cold. It breaks my heart to hear him so snuffly and for the first day he cried properly for the first time..even let out a few tears :( but we're on day three now, and although he is still snuffly..he's back to his happy little self.

In the space between blog updates he also had his injections, his 6 week check up and his 8-12 weeks development check up . All of them went fine :) and the health visitor was full of praise for me and Craig as usual. Not just for Niall but for Rio too. We're so lucky as I know a lot of them are portrayed more as 'interference officers', but mine is lovely and I feel I can really turn to her and ask her anything, no matter how silly it sounds in my head! There was no judgement by her or my GP about me stopping combination feeding. They both understood that my milk really wasn't doing anything to fill him.

The last time we got Niall weighed was at 8 weeks and he was 13lb13oz, he was also 61cm long. He is now in upto 3 month clothes where before I think I put that he had just gone into upto1 month. Well that didn't last long, so all the clothes that I rushed out to buy in that inbetween size either didn't get any wear, or much at all. Ooops. Good job it was on Craigs card not mine ;)

I'll give you a little Rio update too while I've found the time to type away. Rio is now back into the habit of counting to ten. As he learnt all of his colours and some shapes he lost interest in that and would miss 4 out etc but we are back on track :) I've lost count of how long we have been without a pushchair but I want to say its been at least 5/6 months? His favourite song at the moment is "let it go" and he will often just burst into song. If we are out driving and it comes on the radio it is so cute to look in the rear view mirror and see him secretly bopping and singing away.

This month also saw us attempt potty training as he is showing every sign. But he isn't ready. When he was younger he used to get constipated sat down so he learnt to poo standing up and I think now he is scared to sit on the potty. We put his underpants on and he literally held himself from 8am til 5pm.. at that point he had another drink and hid behind the sofa and weed on the floor because he couldn't hold it any longer. I praised him for weeing without a pullup on anyway, and told him maybe next time we could make it to the potty/toilet..that would be even better! But he was so upset with himself he kept saying sorry mummy sorry, and was dancing around so I put a pullup on and he filled it right up! He then apologised again and it broke my heart. I don't care if he is nearly 2 1/2, he is NOT ready and I will not force him for the thoughts of others!

Day out at Drayton!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Although Rio has a Thomas bed he doesn't really like Thomas as a program so I didn't know how a trip to Drayton Manor or 'Thomas land' was going to turn out. Luckily Rio happened to be a thrill seeker and absolutely loved the rides!

 Because there was so much going on I struggled to get Niall to take much milk. He usually feeds every 2 hours but only took two feeds all day and that was me really pushing him to. However he was so good and happy, we're just making up for the lack of cuddles today apparently.

Swinging and sliding in the sunshine!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

I have to admit that getting out the house with two children, one being a newborn and the other being a toddler is hard work. But getting out is important non the less, even if it is just to the park!

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